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We were friends until I asked her out

Poll Expired: August 12, 2005 Total Votes: 51

I was friends with a girl, and I liked her so much I finally asked her out. We are not even friends anymore and she ignores me. If i had the choice of her friendship and a million dollars, I would pick the former. I love her so much but I don't want to tell her that, and i just want her to spend time with me. I dunno how she feels about me. What should I do?
45% - (23 Votes)Look happy and have fun with friends and maybe she will be attracted to that
33.3% - (17 Votes)Give it time and wait for it to work out
13.7% - (7 Votes)Plead with her to be friends
5.8% - (3 Votes)Forget about her and find someone else
1.9% - (1 Votes)Look sad in front of her and hope she will take pity on me

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