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Should I get back together with my ex boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend of 9 months recently broke up because my friends felt as though he was treating me badly and got way too involved, causing him to feel like our relationship had no privacy. He has recently set his eyes on another woman which hes been talking to lately and might date, but he says he misses me. He continues to bring it up (we still talk) and talks about how he can see himself with her, yet he doesnt want me to feel pathetic. I want him back, I really love him and to be in his arms again would make me the happiest woman in the world. What should i do?
Ignore him so he can see how life is without me so that he might possibly come back
Watch what happens with the other woman and if they dont work out, comfort him and ask for him back
Tell him that I miss him and to have him back would make me happy
Wait it out to see how he really feels and if he loves me still, take him back
Get rid of him!

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