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Deliciously Romantic Edible Massage Cream

Lusciously Lovely, Devilishly Delicious
Flavored Edible Massage Creams
Edible massage creams
Fabulous Flavors - Whipped into Perfection

White and creamy, soft and dreamy -- BOTH of you will love lapping up your favorite flavors of body cream.

So incredibly edible, that Whole Foods managed to snag these one-of-a-kind delectables for their shelves.

Raspberry flavorsFlavored edible massage cream
These mouth-watering creams, composed only of natural fragrances and flavors, are 100% botanical and vegan (*more specific info below about these creams - such as their healing qualities and nutrient-rich composition)

These yummy treats are:
  • Nicely naughty wedding and bridal shower gifts -- beware, they may disappear before the shower is over.
  • Romantic little surprise gifts (to share) with your significant other
  • The kind of treats that gentlemen with taste LOVE -- and buy in LARGE quantities so that their sweeties are even sweeter

    PLUS one FREE Mini Jar

    Each special botanical and vegan is specially packed for summer - there are absolutely no artifical ingredients or chemical preservatives

    4oz Edible Body Cream - $29.95
    Pineapple Orange Flavored Edible Body Cream
    Shipping U. S. Only $5.00
    Total: $34.95

    4oz Edible Body Cream - $29.95
    Coconut Lime Flavored Edible Body Cream
    Gel-pack Shipping U. S. Only $5.00
    Total: $34.95

    4oz Edible Body Cream - $29.95
    Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Edible Body Cream
    Shipping U. S. Only $5.00
    Total: $34.95

    4oz Edible Body Cream - $29.95
    Lavender Lemon Flavored Edible Body Cream
    Shipping U. S. Only $5.00
    Total: $34.95

    4oz Edible Body Cream - $29.95
    Apple Raspberry Flavored Edible Body Cream
    Shipping U. S. Only $5.00
    Total: $34.95

    4oz Edible Body Cream - $29.95
    Lavender Honey Flavored Edible Body Cream
    Shipping U. S. Only $5.00
    Total: $34.95

    4oz Edible Body Cream - $29.95
    Orange Vanilla Flavored Edible Body Cream
    Shipping U. S. Only $5.00
    Total: $34.95


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    About the FAb Flavoring:

    Pineapple Orange: fresh tropical pineapple and sweet citrus orange revitalize
    Chocolate Raspberry: rich chocolate blended with deep red raspberries, Euphoric!
    Lavender Honey: smooth golden honey fused with soothing lavender
    Coconut Lime: exotic coconut is blended with refreshing tangy lime
    Lavender Lemon: cool lemon & a hint of healing lavender...lemon cookies
    Orange Vanilla: warm sensual vanilla bean kissed with citrus to create memories of orange popsicles filled with vanilla ice-cream

    *More Info About the Flavored Edible Massage Creams (soon to be sold at Whole Foods):

    Special qualities:
  • relaxation aromatherapy
  • relief from psoriasis, eczema and other skin problems
  • as long as you massage it stays, once you stop it goes away
  • soft sensual lips, delighted by authentic, refreshing edible flavors
  • peace of mind knowing it's 100% botanical, vegan, cruelty-free, & biodegradable
  • apply it as body cream it absorbs quickly, leaving your body soft and supple, all over
  • if you massage, body heat & friction will melt it into a smooth long-lasting edible massage oil
  • Nutrient-rich, heat-activated flavorful bouquet
  • Amaze your palate and rejuvenate your body & soul
  • Helps with treating burns, stretch marks, smoothing wrinkles, and skin regeneration
  • No artificial: preservatives, fragrances, flavors, colors or chemicals
  • No artificial: emulsifiers, thickeners, waxes, sweeteners or natural sugars
  • No stickiness, staining or negative aftertaste
  • 100% fruits, herbs, leaves, roots, seeds and flowers from around the world
  • High in vitamins A, E & D, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, + many other natural soothing benefits
  • Extremely concentrated, so you'll need very little.
  • Please keep room temperature or below.

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