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Improve your health with our guide to diet, fitness, food and vitamins! Reduced stress, a balanced diet, exercise, and a positive attitude, are keys to your success.

Healthy living leads to healthy loving.

We've got tips for working out, total fitness, great diet, nutritional food, stress reduction, vitamins and beauty from the inside out!


  Great links to Your Health!!!

Loaded with terrific information about health, weight loss, fitness, and food.
Its articles cover such areas as age-defying vitamins, heart health, allergies, natural and herbal remedies.
In addition, you can pick a topic (PMS,wrinkles, smoke exposure, bruises, angina and many more) and find out about vitamin supplements (excepted from their book "Healing with Vitamins").
Questions? You can get answers from their naturopath, doctor and pediatrician.

This site has 34, easy-to-use calculators. You can calculate your ideal weight, determine your protein needs, assess your heart rate, health risks, determine how many calories your favorite sport will burn, and more.

Filled with excellent facts to help maintain and improve your health.
Check out the following from an article on their site entitled An Apple a Day May Really Keep the Doctor Away.
"Many of the antioxidants in an apple are in the skin, which might have cancer-fighting properties.
Researchers think it's better to get antioxidants from fruits and vegetables than from dietary supplements.
As scientists study antioxidants, many say they are beginning to believe it's the combination of different phytochemicals working together that bring good health."

  The following sites offer tests online that can help you evaluate your current health status:  

Do You Have A Healthy LifeStyle?
This online test is designed to evaluate the impact that your lifestyle has (or could have in the future) on your health.

Check out their Healthy Living quizzes such as: "What Is Your Age IQ?" and "What's Your Dieting IQ?"

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