Free dating tips - from online to first dates and date ideas.
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ALL ABOUT DATING - with FREE Dating Tips

Online Dating
  • Thinking about trying online dating?
  • How do you know if someone is who they say they are?
  • Know how to talk to someone without revealing your phone number?
  • Who is that handsome stranger?
  • Handsome stranger - who am I?
    Who am I?

    How to Ask for a Date
  • How do you ask for that first date?
  • What type of first date is fun -- not awkward?
  • Do you know what absolutely NOT to ask?
  • Asking for a Date
    Ask for That Date

    First Date
  • Great key - plan something that provides you with a lot of material for discussions. A county fair -- or something that keeps you busy sightseeing and restrains you from spilling your guts about your last relationship, medical issues, pet peeves or other unsavory topics.
  • Fun first dates
    Fun First Date

    THE Color Red
  • Wonder what color makes you the most attractive? Curious about which wall you should stand in front of...??

    What color should she wear? What color should he wear?
  • Scietific Evidence about the Color Red
    Red Research Results

    Is a happy guy more appealing than a moody guy?
  • Psychological study reveals what girls are attracted to the most -- the moody-looking guy or the happy guy... You'll probably be surprised -- and it may change your dating style...
  • Happy friendly guy
    Who's More Attractive?

    Date Ideas
  • Stuck for unique ideas? How about something memorable? Not just the usual coffee or movie but something they'll remember as different and fun...
  • Fun date ideas
    Fun Date Ideas

    Who Says "I Love You" First?
  • Psychological study about who says "I Love You" first and who is happiest about hearing "I Love You." You may be shocked -- you'll at least be surprised...
  • WHO Says It?
    Who's First?

    Dating Basics
  • Everything I know about dating I learned in Kindergarten -- article from the male perspective on dating
  • Dating Basics
    Basic Dating

    Dating Tips
  • What to do on a date and NOT do.
  • Should you keep them waiting?
  • What do you do if your date compliments you?
  • Is a 'surprise date' a good idea?
  • Great date ideas
    More Great Dates!

    Dating Etiquette
  • Impress them! Mostly for guys -- but gals can learn good basic manners that help anyone, anywhere, including what to do with that cell phone on a date...
  • Dating Etiquette
    Etiquette and Dating

    Dating and Body Language
  • What is your date telling you in non-verbal signals and cues?
  • Positive & Nagative Body Language
    Dating Body Language

    Cat Got Your Tongue?
  • Conversation can be difficult -- once you've zeroed in on the object of your affection do you find yourself at a loss for words? Speechless? Tongue tied? Try fabulous conversation tips and use these FREE
  • Fascinating conversation
    Conversation Starters

    Guys Dating
  • Do men really need a dating doctor?
  • Should you have a first date on a Friday or Saturday?
  • Should you call a girl the day after she gives you her number?
  • Great date ideas
    Help for Guys

    Conversation Starters for Dates Ice Breakers Conversation Starters
    Ice Breakers for Dating Christmas Conversation Starters

    If you're looking for more original dating ideas, pop over to our entertainment section.
    Check out some cute movie dates.

    Check out some cute More great movie dates.

    Escaping the Disaster Date

    Dating Tips for Guys Only

    Try Great Pickup Lines

    Buy flowers for someone special

    Body Language - Positive and Negative Indicators

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