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Your Love Personality Test

The FUN Personality QUIZ
What's your fun personality --- your TRUE inner fun self REALLY like?

Are you a stale watermelon starburst being chewed by a housecat or a dormant volcano used for tribal sacrifices by the local monkey population?
The Love Personality Quiz

Take this quiz to REVEAL your true inner 'love personality'
1. Complete the sequence: Potato, Firefighter, Caucus, Prolific, ________

a)  Yawn.
b)  2,456,702.
c)  Beetlejuice.
d)  Fortitude.
e)  Violet.
f)  Concord.
g)  Yuppies.

2. If I had to live the rest of my life as a fruit, I would be a:

a)  Pomegranate.
b)  Banana (green).
c)  Kiwi.
d)  Lime/Lemon hybrid.
e)  Tomato.
c)  Boysenberry.
h)  Grape (seedless, of course).

3. I can't stand the idea of eating:

h)  Crumbleberries.
e)  Green Eggs and Ham.
l)  Anything processed, cooked, stored, picked, or steamed.
p)  Alone.
m)  Toenails, unless they are marinated.
e)  Mango salsa.
!)  Combination #3.

4. Take your date of birth as a six digit number. Multiply it by the number of times you've brushed your teeth this week. Divide the sum by the total pieces of underwear in your household. The answer is:

a)  Less than 100
n)  Greater than 100
k)  3,467,901.56
l)  Huh?
e)  Oh no! It's on fire! It's on fire!
s)  Underwear? I don't wear underwear...

5. If I could give the pinky toe on my left foot a nickname, it would be:

a)  Tiny.
0)  Lumpy.
q)  Apple Pie Eyes.
f)  Slim.
n)  I don't have a pinky toe on my left foot.
@)  Adam.
y)  George Washington.

6. Choose the aminal you are most like:

a)  A feral cat eating a lemon meringue pie.
b)  An entire school of fish, swimming in the shape of a shark just to scare the other sea life.
h)  A one armed monkey reading War and Peace upside down.
$)  A drowned rat, reincarnated as an Africanized honey bee.
4)  Hoopla!
d)  A porcupine that subsists completely on Lemmings.
l)  Three Oranges.

7. Solve this equation:
A train leaves New York at 5:05pm, traveling 85 miles per hour. Joe runs East from San Francisco at 6:30pm, continually running one mile per hour faster than the hour of the day. Mary has three more apples than Joe. In two years, William will be half as old as the train when it left New York. Bohemian swallows fly directly Northeast when it is mating season, except on odd years, or months ending in the letter 'y'. How many times has Joe taken Mary out for a date to the movie "Shakespeare in Love"?

a)  Never. It is rated 'R', and they're not old enough.
g)  Only once, on a Thursday afternoon, in the rain.
5)  Twice a day since they met.
9)  They don't go to the movies. Joe and Mary are both sitting on the tracks in a broken down Oldsmobile waiting for the train from New York.
k)  11, duh!
2)  Beige, definitely beige.
d)  Lana's right leg is 4 inches longer than her left.

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