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We provide quality information and relationships advice which will aid us all in understanding our relationships, friends, love and the human condition whether single or married!

  About Us

The goal of our site is to provide quality information which will aid us all in understanding our relationships, ourselves, friendship, love and the human condition.

      Our mission at "Links 2 Love" is to create a haven for individuals of any age who seek to enter into and maintain positive relationships.

      We pledge to use our creative resources to provide information about and connections to the full spectrum of human connections -  platonic through romantic.

      We will offer guidelines and opportunities to support individuals in:
                1) increasing their self-knowledge;
                2) seeking healthy relationships;
                3) entering into rewarding relationships; and
                4) nurturing relationships.

       We will provide opportunities for individuals who wish to learn, grow, and make positive contributions to this world.

     As you have probably discovered, our everyday lives are already difficult enough to handle as we swim through the roiling boiling soup of our rough and tumble, freeway enraged, stock-market crazed, technoblasted, hyper-speed individual worlds. (Unless you are smart and live somewhere in the woods, in which case the issue may be that relationships with bears are a bit easier to come by than those with humans. Not that we're bad-mouthing bears.)
     This, in case you were wondering, is where "Links 2 Love" comes into the picture.
We have hopes of sweetening all of our lives a little as we attempt to remind us all of our connections to each other and to our world in a positive way.
     In case you think this is all a bit long-winded, we agree. But, and that's a BIG but (in the nicest sense of the word), forgive us for we are excited, even after eleven years of working on our site -- because we just love love.

     We hope to:

       Cause you to stop and think about this brief and strenuous experience that is going to total up to be your life.

       Entertain you a little (with stories, anecdotes, poetry, quotes, bits of tantalizing information).

       Provide you with relationship advice from our own "Dr. TRuth." (We call her that because her real name is Dr. Ruth and she is brutally ruthlessly truthful - but we can all use a little frankness in our lives. I personally am sick of the namby-pamby stuff that you can hear anywhere. So sock it to me Dr. TRuth.)

       Supply you with quality "Links" to all types of relationships from buddies to traveling companions to romantic encounters to marriage or whatever sort of 'link' you seek.

       Furnish you with information to help you enter into and nurture any type of relationship you desire (or are ready for) at this time.

     Our hope is that you will:

       Visit us often.

       Recommend us to friends or acquaintances or strangers.

       Communicate with us - let us know what you like and what else you would like to see added to "Links 2 Love."

       Write to "Dr. TRuth" if you are brave enough to hear some straightforward advice.

       Use the links to other sites that we display on our pages.

       Your use of these links will allow us to maintain this site and all of us can continue to merrily traipse through life linking our thoughts, arms, hearts or any other parts that we darn well please.

     Quiz and Test and General Disclaimer:

       All information on Links2Love is intended for entertainment purposes only. Please don't take our quizzes, tests, fortunes, or horoscopes as factual. Links2Love is a fun site to explore enjoy, and share with your friends. Don't take us too seriously, because we definitely don't!

Contact us :
3830 Valley Center Dr.#705-234
San Diego, CA 92130

Phone: (800) 755-7403

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