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HI, don't know if you are able to help.
But I live with my boyfriend, lately we are not getting on. We argue loads, I am jealous of his friends, family, and the fact that he gets a lot higher wage packet than myself, and he makes sure he rubs it in my face.
I don't get a lot of nice clothes, I got a new designer jacket in a sale, and when out drinking last night, after he knocked a bottle of drink over the clothes, we all laughed, then he chucked a pint all over my new coat.
Please help I think I'm at the end of my tether, in the UK

Dear "At the end,"

Your self-esteem is quite low as indicated by your envy of your boyfriend's success.
I think you need to work very hard at getting your own sense of self to the point where you feel like you are the best girl anyone could possibly have.
Whether this means counseling, or just looking into why you allow anyone to treat you ( or your new coat) as if you were nothing more than a dishrag.
Your nasty boyfriend is only reflecting back to you what you think about yourself. My belief is that relationships are mirror images of our own sense of who we are. He, in his own way, is being abusive and disrespectful.
Is this how you think you deserve to be treated? I don't think so! So why allow it?
First, you need to tell him in no uncertain terms that you will no longer tolerate that type of behavior.
Second, you need to stand up to his assaults on your dignity by not allowing him to put you down in any way, shape or form.
Third, you need to work very hard on YOU!

Get yourself in a position where you value yourself highly and believe me, no one will ever treat you like that again.

Dr. TRuth

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