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Love Four "I Love You" Bracelets - Buy Romantic gifts such as fabulous tokens of my love - for a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or that special man or woman in your life for the perfect romantic gift or plan ahead for the perfect romantic gift and fabulous ROMANTIC Day... Stocking Stuffers

   Four Bangle - LOVE Bracelet Buy Romantic gifts Christmas gift
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4 bangle LOVE bracelet

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I LOVE YOU! FOUR Bangle Bracelets

The bronze-tone bracelet (half chain, half bracelet) boasts a charm proclaiming "I Love You" in 8 different languages.
One of the silver-toned bracelet holds a cute little shovel charm that says "I DIG YOU THE MOST" and the other has two sweet love birds in its miniature cage.
The copper-toned twisted metal bracelet - sports a sweet phone charm.

Too cute! She'll LOVE it in any language...the perfect Christmas gift!
Don't say it -- display it!
Elsewhere $16.99

"I LOVE YOU" Language Bracelets - $9.99

First Class Shipping (Usually 5 - 7 business days) - $2.95
U. S. Only
Total: $12.94

"I LOVE YOU" Language Bracelets - $9.99

Priority Shipping (Usually 2 - 3 business days) - $4.95
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Total: $14.94

"I LOVE YOU" Language Bracelets - $9.99

Express Shipping - $19.95 (Usually 1 day)
U. S. Only
Total: $29.94

"I LOVE YOU" Language Bracelets - $9.99

Global Priority Shipping (Usually 4 - 6 business days) - $9.95
International Only
Total: 19.94

"I LOVE YOU" Language Bracelets - $9.99

Global Express Shipping (Insured and Guaranteed) - $18.00
International Only
Total: $27.99

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What better way to say I LOVE YOU ... than to let her wear it (in different languages) ... as a reminder...
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Just say "I LOVE YOU" - in different languages and "I dig you" to make any day ROMANTIC and more -- Buy Romantic gifts for special days, Valentine birthday gift and bracelets with charms such as sweet and fabulous jewelry of my love - for a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or that special man or woman in your life. stocking stuffer and cute stocking stuffers What better way to give a special romantic gift - buy online - bangles - - perfect for a birthday or a romantic present for any holiday or romantic surprise and perfect Valentine romantic jewelry All Your Love - bangle bracelets.