Do men need a date doctor.
Do Men Really Need a Date Doctor?

What's the Hitch: Do Men Really Need a 'Date Doctor'?

From: Matt (Matt's Method - Dating Tips for Guys)

Date Doctor - dating help and success with women In the movie "Hitch," Will Smith plays a 'date doctor.' He charges a big fee to help guys iron out their bad dating habits and improve their love lives. The movie is funny, and somewhat informative. But the question is, do guys really need a date doctor to have success with women? Is there another road to success?

Men tend to avoid instructions, maps, manuals, and other sources of information that might make a particular task a little easier. We think we can figure it out by ourselves and sometimes we can. But a smart man will use a map to get to his destination and maybe even ask someone who already made the trip about a shortcut.

But when it comes to dating - even if we're smart - we won't admit we need help. We do things by trial and error and we repeat our mistakes.

For example:
most guys don't know that you should never ever call a woman the day after she gives you her number - or the day after that.

Most guys don't know you should never have a first date on a Friday or Saturday.

And most guys don't know that leaving more than one message on her answering machine is a big mistake if you ever want to see her again.

So guys continue to spoil their chances with women they want, marry the wrong women, and make the divorce lawyers rich.

Conclusion: find someone who has already done it and get their advice Why are we so stubborn when it comes to seeking help for dating advice? Maybe we're afraid of being laughed at or appearing weak. Maybe we don't know who to ask for help. Or maybe it's just the same old thing, we think we can figure it out ourselves.

But deep down we all know there are two ways to do something: the hard way or the smart way.

A wise man once said if you want to accomplish something find someone who has already done it and get their advice. That's doing it the smart way. But where can a man go for reliable dating advice? Does it make sense to hire a 'date doctor'?

In the movie, the date doctor, Hitch, is available for advice when a problem or question arises, but he can't be there 24/7 to help his clients do the right thing.

  • The best solution for any guy is to learn what works.
  • Get good information, a proven system and use it.
  • In other words, find a success formula and duplicate it.

    When you KNOW the FORMULA - you'll become your own date doctor.
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