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Entertainment guide - You'll love date entertainment suggestions for movies, music, videos and creative date ideas for romantic dates!

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  Romantic Movies, Date Ideas and Entertainment

Stay-at-home movie date ideas!!!

Email Treat
Suggest and plan your date for a week - communicate ONLY by email, then get together and watch " You've Got Mail."

  This is hot...
Royal Treat
Treat them royally - then check out " The Princess Bride."
(Cary Elwes, Robin Wright Penn, Peter Falk)
OR " Roman Holiday."
(Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck).

Get a Que
Pool's Cool - Play a little pool, then cuddle up to watch " The Color of Money."

Hearts Afire
" Always" A daredevil firefighter pilot dies in a plane crash but returns to earth as an angel to help his former girlfriend.
(Richard Dreyfuss & Holly Hunter - 1989)

Dancin'romancin' fools...   Dancin' Romancin'
Try a little dancin' then settle in to watch "Save the Last Dance" for the romancin' part.

Love & Games
Play some indoor games - light-weight foam bats and balls, basketballs and trash cans are always fun... Then snuggle up for "Jerry Maguire"
(Tom Cruise & Renee Zellweger - 1996)


Medieval Magic
Young lovers, separated from each other by an evil curse, attempt to break the spell and reunite in "Ladyhawke."
(Matthew Broderick & Michelle Pfeiffer - 1985)

cover   Karate Kiss
Practice your Karate holds (or any kind of hold that works) then watch " Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."
(Yun-Fat Chow, Michelle Yeoh - 2000)
Cyrano Says
Write love notes (or poems) for each other then watch " Roxanne."
(Steve Martin and Daryl Hanna)

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