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OF Pears and Stars - Love Poem - Heinrich Heine Love Poetry, Love Poems, Romantic Poetry, a Romantic Poem

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   Love Poem - Of Pears and Stars
Of Pearls and Stars
~ Heinrich Heine
Edward Robert Hughes - Midsummer Eve, 1908
The pearly treasures of the sea,
The lights that spatter heaven above,
More precious than these wonders are
My heart-of-hearts filled with your love.

The ocean's power, the heavenly sights
Cannot outweigh a love filled heart.
And sparkling stars or glowing pearls
Pale as love flashes, beams and darts.

So, little, youthful maiden come
Into my ample, feverish heart
For heaven and earth and sea and sky
Do melt as love has melt my heart.

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Of Pearls and Stars - love poem from the poet - Heinrich Heine - love fairies and pearly night and twinkling star as love melts his heart and the poem speaks of the melted heart caused by his sweet love as Links 2 Love presents the greatest romantic love poems of all time! Free - e-mail to someone special...