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List of Love Poems - Pablo Neruda English and Spanish
  • "Absence" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Ausencia" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "And Because Love Battles" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Clenched Soul" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Hemos Perdido Aun Este Crepusculo" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Drunk as Drunk" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Ebrio de Trementina" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Entrance of the Rivers" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Here I Love You" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "I Crave Your Mouth" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Anhelo Su Boca, Su Voz, Su Pelo" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "I Like for You to Be Still" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "I Remember You As You Were" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Te recuerdo como eras en el último otoño" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "If You Forget Me" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Si Tu Me Olvidas" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "In My Sky at Twilight" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "It's Good to Feel You are Close to Me..." ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Leaning in to the Afternoons" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Love" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Lovely One" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Love Sonnet IX" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Ode to a Naked Beauty" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Ode to Hope" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Ode a la Esperanza" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Potter" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "September 8th" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "So That You Will Hear Me" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Sonnet VIII" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Sonnet XIII" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Sonnet XCV" (Who ever desired each other as we do?) ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Sonnet 17" (I do not love you as if you were the salt-rose or topaz) ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Sonnet 20" Saddest Lines - (Saddest Poem) ~ Pablo Neruda
  • Puedo Escribir los Versos más Tristes Esta Noche
                  Tonight I can write the saddest lines. 
                  Write, for example: "The night is shattered, and the blue stars shiver in the distance."

  • "Sonnet XXVII" ~ Pablo Neruda   
  • "Sonnet XXXIII" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Sonnet XLII" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Sonnet LXVI" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Love Sonnet LXXIX" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "De noche, amada, amarra tu corazon al mio"
  • "Sonnet LXXXI" (Rest with your dream inside my dream) ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Sonnet LXXXIII" (It's good to feel you are close to me in the night, love...) ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Sonnet 49: It's Today" (Day breaks: the whole of yesterday went falling) ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "The Fickle One" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "The Infinite One" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "The Light Wraps You" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "The Queen" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "The Well" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Water" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Who Ever Desired Each Other as We Do?" ~ Neruda
  • "Your Hands" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "Your Laughter" ~ Pablo Neruda
  • "You Will Remember" ~ Pablo Neruda

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    Pablo Neruda Poems with Love Poems version in Espanol, Spanish, English translations and love poetry from the Chilean poet Neruda - poetry readings - Music videos -- List of Free Love Poems and translated poems from the poet Pablo Neruda and the best romantic poems, Valentine poem and love poetry - translated versions of 'Love Poems' from the incomparable poet - the Spanish poet of love -- poema del amor, poesía, traduzca poema, traducido poemas- Pablo Neruda Pablo was born Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto in Parral, Chile on July 12, 1904. Love Poems - Pablo Neruda - love poem, love poetry, romantic, cute, sweet poems with classic, bilingual love poems, vintage and famous love poems Spanish translation, south American, Chilean poet, that everyone loves - old and new, fresh and classical popular poems. Old, old fashioned poemas en ingles de neruda Love Poems - about meeting and falling in love with the right person - - Links 2 Love presents the greatest romantic love poems of all time Nerooda