Who says I Love You first, the man or the woman
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   It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway) that this is a love and romance site, so make nice with the writing.
  If there are more than 2 grammatical errors or 2 misspelled words in a poem -- it will not be published (we've spent HOURS cleaning up poetry -- can't afford it anymore)
(Our head editor is losing too much hair)

PLEASE send your (well punctuated, grammatically correct and correctly spelled) poetry immediately, if not sooner:
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In any case - please read the following before you submit:
*Copyright and Copy Wrong Information:
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When you submit your poetry, you agree to allow us to post it for free on our Links 2 Love site.
You are also stating that the work is yours.
ONLY copyrights (no copywrongs).
Your poems remain your property. You're just agreeing to allow us to post them on Links 2 Love.

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