Wedding invitation ideas

Wedding Invitation Ideas - Design, Wording, Etiquette

Wedding invitations
  • Invitational Line
    Traditionally, the parents of the bride issued wedding invitations. This tradition actually dates back to the time when the marriage arrangements were actually made by the bride's father. Today this tradition continues with the family of the bride typically hosting the wedding. If this is so, then the names of the parents of the bride appear on the first line of the wedding invitations.

  • Request Line
    The words "request the honor of your presence" are typically used for wedding ceremonies that are held in a religous setting. The phrase "Request the pleasure of your company" is generally used for ceremonies that are to take place in non-religious settings.

  • Joining Word
    The word "the" joins the bride and grooms name in most circumstances. The word "and" is typically used in place of "the" if the wedding is a religious ceremony. "And" is also used if the invitations are issued by the bride and groom themselves.

  • Date Line
    Traditionally, the day of the week and date are written out in full. Numerals and abbreviations should be avoided. It is not necessary to include the year of the wedding, though it is not improper to do so. If the year is included, it should be on its own line and non-numeric - but written out.

  • Time Line
    The terms "in the morning" or "in the evening" are to be used rather than abbreviations of "a.m." and "p.m."

  • Location Lines
    Wedding location should be included -- without abbreviations.

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