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Love Advice for a Cradle Robber!

Relationship advice for a guy on the rebound who has met a girl - and found out later that she's too young!

Relationship Advice from Dr. TRuth

Dear Dr. TRuth,

I've run into a bit of a problem that I sincerely hope you can help me out with.

First off, I'm a 20 year old guy with a history of bad relationships.

I just lost my girlfriend of 4 years less than 6 months ago, and now I've got another problem.

I recently met a girl on the internet. She is wonderful.
We have everything in common, she makes me feel happy, she's adorable, she's just everything I always wanted and thought I'd never find.
Just one problem.

After telling me she was 19 and letting me believe that for a month now, she revealed to me last night that she's only 16. And that she's in love with me.

I must admit, I'm feeling those old familiar feelings as well.

But this puts a hitch in my proverbial get-up.

What am I supposed to do?

I'm apparently her first love, but just how genuine is that love?
And what the heck am I supposed to do with the feelings that I've already developed for her?

She may not know what true love is, but I do. And I'm feeling it.

I'm completely at a loss. I can't just walk off and leave her.
But I'm 20 years old. I can't develop a serious relationship with a 16 year old girl, can I?

I really need some help here.

I've got no clue what to do.
Please, help me, Doc.

--Unintentional Cradle Robber

Dear UIC

First let me say that I appreciate the sincerity of your feelings and your desire to do the right thing.

One thing you haven't told me is whether or not you have actually met the young woman you think you are in love with.

Second, since this is something of a rebound relationship, you need to question whether you have fallen in love because you are lonely and needy or whether having someone else right now is just helpful in your recovery from a very long four year relationship!

I need to tell you that I have a prejudice against Internet based relationships and that they are not real unless you have spent a considerable amount of time with the person "in person."

Third, the fact that she has lied to you consistently doesn't make me feel really good about how truthful she is in general.

Basically, out of your loneliness and sadness about having your previous relationship fail, you have created a mythological girl out of the Web who has been untruthful from Day One.

My advice is to tell her that she is way to young, that you don't appreciate her being untruthful and that you would just like to be friends for right now.

Tell yourself that you need some time and space to get over the relationship you started when you were just 16 yourself.

Remember how long ago that was and how much you've changed since then?

Do you really need another young adolescent to start over with?

Good luck and thank you for your excellent question!
Let me know how it goes.

Dr. TRuth

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Guy on the rebound meets girl on Internet! She's 16 and lied to him -- now she says she's in love with him.