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Problems dealing with a guy who likes to kiss but doesn't date...

Love advice for a girl who is having problems with a guy who likes to kiss but doesn't want to date - yet...

   Relationship Advice from Dr. TRuth

Dear Dr. TRuth,

I am 15 years old and I have been seeing a guy who's 17.

We talk and everything for hours on the phone and I have been to his house twice, both times we spent most of our time together on his bed making out.

I am not the kind of girl that would let him go any farther though, and he seems to be okay with it.

I like him a lot, and he seems to like me too, but he hasn't ask me out yet and we have known each other for a month.

He keeps telling me that he will do it "when he finds the right time."

Everyone tells me that he is playing me, and that he's just going to try and get some from me and that he doesn't really like me, and I don't know what to think!

I like him so much, and he seems to like me. we talked about the whole sex situation and I told him that if we went out he would have to wait a while, at least six months, so I could be sure we wouldn't just be doing it for the hell of it and to make sure it would mean something, and he seemed cool with that.

It just really hurts that everyone tells me that he doesn't like me, and then he will call and be so sweet to me.

What is he getting at???

Dateless Kisser

Dear Dateless

I think it's cool you like him but by now he definitely should have asked you out.

I think you should let him know that it is just not cool with you to go to his home and hook up without him showing you the respect of dating you.

My advice is to let him know that if he wants to date you, you are open to him, but you don't want to be just a "hook-up" for him.

Whether you like him a lot or not, he needs to do what it takes to prove it: this means asking you out and treating you like a person he respects and admires when you both are in the vertical position.

I am not saying he is playing you, but I am saying that he is not handling this like a guy who is crazy about you.
Have the courage to tell him what you need.

If he has genuine feelings about you, he will do the right thing

Dr. TRuth

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Love advice for a girl who is having problems with a guy who likes to kiss but not date - yet...