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Problems dealing with a guy who already has a girlfriend...

Love advice for a girl who thinks she is in love and is fooling around with a guy who is ten years older AND has a girlfriend

I'm in Love with a Guy Who's 10 Years Older AND has Girlfriend

Dear Dr. TRuth,

Hi, I am 18 and at my job I met one of my best friends in this whole world.

He is 10 years older than me, but I have never met anyone that I get along better with then him.

He seems to be perfect for me, we rarely fight and when we are together all we do is laugh and have a great time.

He has been heard saying to me that he hasn't had this much fun in years, whenever we do anything.

The thing is.....during this friendship I have developed, of course the biggest crush on him. Crush doesn't seem strong enough.

I already love him as my friend but I am in love with him too. I can't see him without thinking how wonderful of a couple we would make. And I can't sit next to him with out wanting to kiss him. And this isn't this kind of situation where I don't want to tell him because I think it would ruin our friendship.

He already knows how I feel, and he does feel the same way about me.

I know he cares about me and that he does love me too. We have done just about everything a couple would do together, including sleep together numerous times.

BUT...he has a girlfriend.

I feel completely awful..she is wonderful and my friend.

But whenever I get near this guy I lose that inner voice that tells me this is wrong and I go through with it all anyway.

I hear the blunt truth from everyone, that he would never leave her for me. I just can't understand why I have met this truly perfect match for me and I can't be with him, it is unfair. And as much as I love to hang out with him, it hurts me just as much.

I am just so confused and everyone tells me - well he cheated on her, he will on you, but for some odd reason I am willing to accept that.

I would just rather be his best friend where he secretly grabs my ass and we both laugh then tell him I can't do this anymore and lose him all together.

I just don't know how the rest of my life will be we never end up dating, or married as everyone thinks, since in life you are supposed to look for that person you can be with everyday for the rest of your life and who truly brings out the best in you.

I already found mine and I can't be with him.

I would rather be alone then having to settle with someone that will give me half of the good times my friend has already given in a year.

Lonely in Love

Dear L in L,

You already know all the answers.

You must stop this relationship immediately and trust in your inner voice.

He is a man with another woman who is cheating on her to be with you.

Since he won't leave her, to stay in this situation will be incredibly painful for you now and in the future.

Staying with him will erode your sense that you deserve a man of your own, and if your friend ever finds out (and believe me, she will eventually) you will lose her trust forever.

Women who fall in love with men who are already "taken" betray not only their friends but themselves as well. Your friend is acting immorally and is cheating on the one he is with.

Your friends are right when they say that even if he leaves her, he will do the same to you.

This man is playing a dangerous game and has trapped you, a young woman ten years his junior, into playing it with him.

He is taking advantage of your youth and innocence and is being incredibly selfish emotionally.

I know you see this in your lucid moments and I know these feelings are hard to handle but you must walk away right now and not look back.

If hanging out with him gets too painful, you will have to end the friendship with him.

His behavior is inexcusable and reprehensible.

Actually, he's not a very nice person, is he?

Dr. TRuth

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    Love advice for a girl who is fooling around with a guy who already has a girlfriend.