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Love advice for a girl whose teacher seems to be a flirt and she wonders if he has a crush on her...

Relationship Advice from Dr. TRuth

Dear Dr. TRuth,

Hi. I am writing to you because there is something weird happening, I know it's long but I need to know what's happening.

First this is what happened:I was at the auditorium at school for this presentation and my teacher was sitting all the way in the back but for some reason he moved closer to my class then he was looking for someone in my class he stopped when he saw me.

Later he was talking to these guys in my class and while he was laughing he looked at me.

He did this a few times sometimes he looked other times he just stared.

My question here is does he like me? Or was he flirting?

Then the next day he came to my science class and he would look at everything I do.

He got sort of excited when I was next to him cause I was reading something next to him and he acted differently.

Another thing that day was when some boys were bothering me because of throwing papers around the class and I wanted them to stop so I said "stop" out loud and they wouldn't stop so I don't know if it was a coincidence but he told everyone to stop right after I said "stop" out loud.

The next day I had him for class and he told us to do journal. Right after he explained it the 1st thing he did was sit on a desk and look at me.(weird)

All I know is that he looks stares and smiles at me. I think he likes me or something. That's why i need your help on the following questions:
Does he like me? was he flirting? does he care about me? does he have a crush on me? what should i do? also i don't do very well in his class (he's my teacher)

ps please don't email me with the reply my parents don't know and they will get real mad.

Dear "Confused about a Teacher's Crush"

It's hard to say but from what you described, it does sound as if he is attracted to you. But so what!

My advice is to steer clear of any personal involvement with him because it won't lead to anything that is good for you. When a teacher involves himself like this, first, he is breaking a law and second, he is violating the rights of a minor.

Bottom line is: you are jailbait!

Please just ignore whatever advances me might make but continue to be pleasant, friendly and nice within the boundaries of being his student.

I guess my real question to you is: why aren't you doing well in school? Don't you think this is what you should be concentrating on?

Dr. TRuth

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Love advice for a girl whose teacher seems to be a flirt and she wonders if he has a crush on her...