Crush Bands - wear your heart on your sleeve

Crush Bands - Wear Your Valentine Heart on Your Sleeve

Purchase Crush Bandz
(Who's in Your Heart?)
BFF or I Heart
One side of heart says BFF - the other 'I Heart'
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Crush Bandz

  • 26 multi-colored, tie-dyed letters
  • Complete alphabet
  • Surgical-grade silicon bands
  • FREE heart charm

    $5.95 per package
    Bands with heart charm included

    Shipping - Only $1.95 for any number of packages (1 - 10,000)

    Please select quantity and type of shipping desired

    If you need extra letters -- see individual letter packages below

  • Crush Bandz
    Crush Banz bag with free heart charm

    Purchase Crush Bandz Individual Letters

    Crush Bandz

    Two-Letter - Extra Bands Package

    Two multi-colored, tie-dyed letters of the alphabet in each package
    Each package contains two of each letter type --
    Please select additional letters that you desire...

    Cost of each package: $00.59

    Select Letters
    Crush Bands Invididual Letters Package

    Purchase Heart Charm

    Crush Bandz Heart Charm

    1 Heart Charm
    ONLY 99 Cents
    'I heart' on one side,
    'BFF' on the other

    One Heart Charm
    'I Heart' on one side -        'BFF' on other    
    Heart CharmBFF Side
    Personalized bracelet

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    Wear your secret crush on your wrist - personalized teen jewelry - like silly bandz -- letter bands that spell out your crush name, Valentine's Day or my own name or use your initials - who's in your heart? Valentine Wristbands with a secret... Wear your heart, but still keep a secret love secret.