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   I Love You with All My Hearts

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I Love You with All My Hearts
FIVE Puffy Valentine heart shaped gem stones - Rose Quartz (pink) Aventurine (green) and more as pictured -- packaged in a 3" x 4" red sateen pouch with "I Love You With All My Hearts" written in silver on the front.
Each heart measures approximately 1-1/4" (30mm) wide, 1-1/4" high, and 1/2" thick.

Refer to photo below - to see heart size

"I Love You with All My Hearts!" & Imprinted Pouch Plus - $15.99
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"I Love You with All My Hearts!" & Imprinted Pouch - $15.99
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"I Love You with All My Hearts!" & Imprinted Pouch - $15.99
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I Love You with All My Hearts

What better way to say it ... give them your hearts ... as a reminder... to carry with them as a lucky heart charm -- great Valentine's Day -- and perfect wedding gifts, graduation, favors and reminders for everyone you love... healing and special properties promote health and happines for those you love...

Gemstone Qualities

Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz -- a pale, delicate, powder pink shade that ranges from transparent to translucent pink. The rarest form is transparent rose quartz, often so pale that it displays very little color except in the largest sizes. Translucent rose quartz is much more readily available and is used for beads, cabochons, carvings, and architectural purposes.

    Often called the "Love Stone" or the "Heart Stone", Rose QUARTZ is the gem of unconditional love that opens oneself to all forms of love, self love, family love, platonic love, romantic love. Rose Quartz enhances love in virtually any situation. Additionally, it is known to lower stress, soothe the soul and bring happiness. It is said to enhance one's capacity to love others as well as oneself.

    Carry or wear rose quartz if feeling despondent and needing to feel loved and deeply cared for. Pink and calming rose quartz, more effective on the psyche than chicken soup when you're feeling ill. Rose quartz is linked to the zodiac star sign of Taurus and also to Libra as a secondary stone.
    Green Aventurine - slightly translucent to opaque variety of microcrystalline quartz and has a sparkling effect known as aventurescence. Aventurine is the 'luck' stone, in any color and the green colors of this stone are deemed to be the most powerful.

    Aventurine provides the wearer with inner equilibrium and is said to positively effect the psyche. Believed to strengthen the individual sense of self, it is the perfect stone for those seeking a positive view of life.

    While relieving anxiety and calming one's emotions, the stone also brings about opportunity and good luck in gambling. Described as enhancing the sense of humor and cheerfulness of its possessor, green aventurine may serve as a powerful good luck piece. It is believed to be capable of drawing opportunities your way as well as unexpected adventures and good luck in love.

    Aventurine helps you make decisions from the heart. It stimulates creative inspiration and provides courage to live your truth around others (light to dark shades of green). The stone it is a comforter and supporter as well as a balancing stone with a strong healing energy. Green aventurine is said to help with treatments in psychotherapy, heart, lungs, improved eyesight and is said to promote an increase in muscle flexibility.
    Traditionally known as the stone of artists, painters, singers, and sculptors because sodalite is believed to help promote inspiration and creativity.

    Sodalite's calming influence helps promote inner peace and can serve to calm hot tempers. It can be kept in pockets and throughout the home so that its peaceful properties surround you.

Picture Jasper
    This type of jasper, so-named because of the pictures formed within it, carries a message within it. It encourages co-operation and working towards a common goal and provides information on how best to achieve this. Picture Jasper,used to create harmony, positive energy flow and balance in your life, is often called the stone of Global Awareness. Stimulating creative visualization, it can be used to reveal hidden fears as well as hopes.

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Sodalite Aventurine Rose Quartz Picture Jasper Rainbow Jasper

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