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Engagement and Marriage Proposal Tips and Ideas

The Engagement
What it Says About YOU and Your Relationship

Marriage proposal or engagement planning
Tying to come up with fabulous ideas?
An unforgettable marriage proposal?


The UNFORGETTABLE, OVER-THE-TOP idea that you're crazy about is most probably WRONG

  • Your proposal reveals everything about you and
       your concept of your relationship and
       your understanding of HER.

  • Your proposal sets the tone for the rest of your relationship.

  • The proposal tells her (and her friends and family) WHO YOU ARE
    No seriouly - who you really are...

    Think it through...

    Take a breath -- get a grip

    We're going to help you

    Here's the key

She's the key!
Your proposal needs to show you're thinking of her -- really thinking of her.

Marriage proposal Say you love fishing and think it would be really clever if she found a ring in the mouth of a fish she caught. And let's say she's afraid of water and hates fishing. But because you think it's such a great idea you get her out on a lake, in a row boat and propose, trout in hand.

This one 'romantic' act and marriage proposal reveals your entire potential future to her and, frankly, she'd be smart to bolt at that point.

So stop and think about your beloved, her personality characteristics, her likes and dislikes, hobbies, things she loves and things she hates.

She loves the beach.
She loves sunsets.
She loves surprises.
Put them together for the perfect proposal.

Romantic proposal with roses She loves roses.
She loves surprises.
She loves romantic dinners at the top of the town.
Take her out for a fabulously romantic dinner -- then give her a huge bouquet of pink roses -- with one special red rose in the center!

(Hint: It might be a good idea to apply some of these ideas to your entire life with your sweetie, beyond the magical proposal moment...)

So ask yourself:
  • What is she like?
  • Is she a private person or an outgoing dynamo?
  • Quiet and super-romantic?
  • Does she love a crowd?
  • Love to be the center of a crowd, center of attention?
  • Or is she quiet and intimidated by large groups?

    Think about her and what you really love about her and the things in life she truly loves.

    You may think that tossing her a ring while you're skydiving is the most spectacular and unforgettable way to propose.

    Or buying space on a big screen at a football game and announcing your intentions to the world will be exactly what impresses her and everyone she knows (and doesn't know).

  • But, if even though she loves skydiving and football, her truly ideal romantic self may actually crave a thought-out and romantic private proposal.

    Maybe a quiet restaurant dinner at the top of the town with a ring delivered in a dessert that the two of you share or tucked into her glass of wine.
    Does she LOVE Chinese Food?

    How about a lavish Chinese dinner topped off with a custom-made Fortune Cookie with Personalized Fortune icon -- marriage proposal and ring.
    icon icon

    Or if she really loves the outdoors - a picnic with a trail of rose petals leading to a hollow-knot in a tree and a ring -- or a walkway with stones - one with a ring tied to it...

    Surprise her on a walk with a beautiful stone

    Or she may be thrilled that you were daring enough to propose in front of the whole world and proclaim your love for her to the entire universe.

    That's the secret -- you have to know her.

    Here's just one sample of a great proposal idea that would touch most women's hearts ---
    Dear Stephanie Engaging Love Song from

    For example: how about a ring and love poem delivered in a Message in a Bottle
    (keepsakes she can treasure forever):
    Heart of Roses        Key To My Heart

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    Marriage Proposal Ideas and Engagement plans and the perfect unique idea that suits your sweetheart -- Valentine's Day or to make any day Valentine's Day -- for your Valentine - how to think it through and plan the process, time and place for proposing that fits only her - music video, message video or other great one-of a kind ideas