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Drink at least 8 glasses of water Jane Brody, health columnist for The New York Times:

"Start drinking eight glasses of water daily. None of your body parts, from your brain to your toes, work well without adequate hydration."

Walter Willett, MD, chairman of the nutrition department at Harvard School of Public Health:

"Switch to whole grain carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread and brown rice. High intakes of refined carbohydrates and sugar are the main sources of calories in the US diet, and thus a major contributor to being overweight."


Andrew Weil, MD, author of Eight Weeks to Optimum Health (Knopf, 1997):

"Eliminate all foods containing partially hydrogenated oils. There's growing evidence that these unnatural fats are not good for us, and avoiding them and the processed foods that they come in would be a huge step to improving nutritional health."

Foods packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals Kristine Clark, PhD, RD, nutrition consultant to the US women's soccer team:

"Eat more fruits and vegetables. Besides all the nutrients that produce contains, it also plays a role in weight loss. Fruits and vegetables fill you up for a small amount of calories."

Kathleen Johnson, RD, director of the nutrition program at Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson:

"Watch your portion sizes. Most of us eat far more food than we really need, and there are many reasons to eat less, including slowing the aging process."

Moshe Shike, MD, director of the Cancer Prevention and Wellness Program at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City:

"Control your calorie intake, get no more than 20% of your calories from fat, and be sure to get five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables daily..."


Stress is a major factor in weight gain, loss of health and weight retention.

Eat yourself healthy. There are several foods that can help you with lowering the health risks that are often associated with stressful lives (aka recession). Stress reducing tips The Orange
A recent study from Germany found that vitamin C will aid in reducing stress and returning cortisol and blood pressure to normal levels after a stressful event or situation. Vitamin C is also a great immune system booster.

Ah, the wonder of turkey. Turkey triggers the release of serotonin, via the amino acid, L-tryptophan. Serotonin, a feel-good brain chemical causes relaxation, sometimes even sleepiness (eg. Thanksgiving dinner) and has been shown to have a general calming effect.

Sweet Potato
These yummy vitamin, beta-carotene and mineral filled veggies can lower your need for the carbs and sweets that you crave when under a high stress load. They're loaded with fiber that also help your body process carbs in a steady, slow manner.

The wonder vegetable. A great vegetable to eat once every day, among its many benefits, spinach contains magnesium. If you're experiencing fatigue or migraine headaches, this can be due to a deficiency in magnesium. Just one cup of spinach provides 40 percent of your daily need for magnesium.

Dried Apricot
Apricots are a stress-buster and natural muscle relaxant because of their rich magnesium content.

Almonds, Pistachios & Walnuts
Almonds aid in boosting the immune system because they are loaded with B and E vitamins, while pistachios and walnuts help lower your blood pressure.

Salmon is the wonder food for keeping down cortisol and adrenaline, the stress hormones. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon help protect against heart disease.

Help lower blood pressure with the plethora of monounsaturated fats and potassium found in the avacado. Research has shown potassium is a great blood-pressure lowerer and avocados contain even more potassium than bananas.

Green Vegetables
Just eat them. Kale, broccoli and any dark green vegetable contains loads of vitamins that replenish those that are depleted by the body during stressful times.

Stress-busting bottomline tips:
- Move, walk, run, just exercise on a regular basis
- Before your wagon starts draggin' -- try a boost with an energy shake for breakfast
- During the day, eat small meals, snacks of healthy veggies, fruit, cheese, protein and maintain a stable blood sugar stable (stress naturally increases when your blood sugar is lowered and your physical, mental, and emotional energy decrease).

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Our experts agree - get moving, re-fuel with stress-busting snacks and drink H2O!!!

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