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James Joyce To Nora Barnacle love letter - read a love letter, passionate letter, romantic love letter, and melt over a Henry IV To Gabrielle d'Estrees sweet love letter...

Classic love letter and a romantic letter from Henry IV To Gabrielle d'Estrees and more classic love letters... .

You'll find hundreds of ways to write about your love with this great historical and romantic love letter, each letter is free and ready to fill you with romantic words to write for your love.

Great Love Letter - Henry IV

Henry IV to Gabrielle d'Estrees From the battle field before Dreux

June 16, 1593

I have waited patiently for one whole day without news of you; I have been counting the time and that's what it must be. But a second day--I can see no reason for it, unless my servants have grown lazy or been captured by the enemy, for I dare not put the blame on you, my beautiful angel: I am too confident of your affection--which is certainly due to me, for my love was never greater, nor my desire more urgent; that is why I repeat this refrain in all my letters: come, come, come, my dear love.

Honor with your presence the man who, if only he were free, would go a thousand miles to throw himself at your feet and never move from there. As for what is happening here, we have drained the water from the moat, but our cannons are not going to be in place until Friday when, God willing, I will dine in town.

The day after you reach Mantes, my sister will arrive at Anet, where I will have the pleasure of seeing you every day. I am sending you a bouquet of orange blossom that I have just received. I kiss the hands of the Vicomtess if she is there, and of my good friend, and as for you, my dear love, I kiss your feet a million times.

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LOVE LETTER - Romantic love letter and classic love letter from and to famous people, writers and poets through history - the greatest love letter of all time - free ideas for writing your own love letter with a passionate love letter, romantic love letter, and Valentine love letter that goes straight to the heart...from Henry IV To Gabrielle d'Estrees