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I Can Love You Like that - lyrics with the BEST love song lyrics and the best romantic love song.

Lovely love song lyrics to romantic songs and loads of love songs lyrics, music and love lyrics like "I Can Love You Like That"

   Love Song Lyrics - I Can Love You Like That
I Can Love You Like That
~ All-4-One
They read you Cinderella
You hoped it would come true
That one day your prince charming
Would come rescue you
You like romantic movies
And you never will forget
The way it felt when Romeo kissed Juliet

And all this time that you've been waiting
You don't have to wait no more

CHORUS I can love you like that
I would make you my world
Move heaven and earth if you were my girl
I would give you my heart
Be all that you need
Show you you're everything
That's precious to me
If you give me a chance
I can love you like that

I'd love you like that
I could love you like that
I never make a promise that
I don't intend to keep
So when I say forever,
Forever's what I mean
Well, I'm no Casanova but
I swear this much is true
I'll be holding nothing back
When it comes to you

You dream of love that's everlasting
Well, baby open up your eyes


If you want tenderness, I've got tenderness And I see through to the heart of you If you want a man, who will understand You don't have to look very far I can love you, I can love you, love you


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