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The BEST love song lyrics and the best romantic love songs with Know That from Destiny's Child

You know that I will always be right here -- music video, words, lyrics and tons of love songs lyrics, music and love lyrics - I will always be around - you know that.

   Love Song Lyrics
Know That
~ Destiny's Child
I like the way I feel
The way you keep it real
So many simple things
That you don't know the joy you bring
I like how you and me work
when we hang out we're so happy
I never want it to end
I know that we'll always be down and be together
'cause thats how I want to be
Any time you're feelin' down
I will always be around
Know that

You know that.

You don't have to go nowhere
I will always be right here
Know that

You know that.

I'm crazy 'bout the way
You let me do my thing
So many reasons why
I want you in my life
I like how you and me work
no doubt about
We were meant to be

I never want it to end
I know that we'll always be down and be together
that's how I want it to be


no doubt about..
I got 'ya back
Can no one come between us

Together -- forever babe

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