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An Everlasting Love

~ Andy Gibb
I've been here all your life
Watching your crying game
You were the heaven in my lonely world,
And he was your sun
And your rain
I was losing you before
I ever held you tight
Before you ever held me in your arms
And I won't make you blue
And maybe an everlasting love will do

Ah, we got an everlasting love
So tall, so wide, so high
Above the rumble of thunder down below
It's your love I need,
It's the only show
And it's you want an everlasting dream
Can take us anywhere are the tears of yesterday
We killed the pain,
We blew away the memories
Of the tears we cried
And an everlasting love will never die

Take me out of the cold, give me what I've hungered for
If it's the pleasure of taking
My heart that you need, then it only makes me
Love you more
I was yours before
The stars were born and you were mine
I could have saved you all the pain you knew
And I won't make you cry
And maybe an everlasting love can try

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