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A Fine Day

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A FINE DAY - by the poet Katherine Mansfield love Poetry, Love Poems, Romantic Poetry, a Romantic Poem - 'A Fine Day' by Katherine Mansfield

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 Love Poem - 'A Fine Day' by Katherine Mansfield
A Fine Day
~ Katherine Mansfield

Irises, Saint-Remy, 1889

After all the rain, the sun
Shines on hill and grassy mead;
Fly into the garden, child,
You are very glad indeed.

For the days have been so dull,
Oh, so special dark and drear,
That you told me, 'Mr. Sun
Has forgotten we live here.'

Dew upon the lily lawn,
Dew upon the garden beds;
Daintly from all the leaves
Pop the little primrose heads.

And the violets in the copse
With their parasols of green
Take a little peek at you;
They're the bluest you have seen.

On the lilac tree a bird
Singing first a little not,
Then a burst of happy song
Bubbles in his lifted throat.

O the sun, the comfy sun!
This the song that you must sing,
'Thank you for the birds, the flowers,
Thank you, sun, for everything.'

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