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The Infinite One love poem by the poet Pablo Neruda, with the best wedding poem and poetry with a sweet classic or famous love poem for romance and a lovepoem for every occasion - perfect for your love

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 Love Poem & Poetry - The Infinite One

The Infinite One
~ Pablo Neruda

Heart of Rose

Do you see these hands?
They have measured the Earth,
They have separated minerals and cereals
They have made peace and war,
They have demolished the distances
Of all the seas and rivers

And yet,
When they roam
Over you, little one,
grain of wheat, swallow,
They cannot encompass you,

They embrace until exhaustion
The twin doves
That rest or fly upon your breast,
They travel the distances of your legs,
They coil in the light of your waist.

For me you are a treasure, greater
And more costly than the sea and its branches
And you are white and blue and vast
As Earth at Harvest Time.

In that territory,
From your feet to your brow,
I want to spend life,
Wandering, always wandering.

La infinita

Atrás ¿Ves estas manos? Han medido
la tierra, han separado
los minerales y los cereales,
han hecho la paz y la guerra,
han derribado las distancias
de todos los mares y ríos,
y sin embargo
cuando te recorren
a ti, pequeña, grano de trigo, alondra,
no alcanzan a abarcarle,
se cansan alcanzando
las palomas gemelas que reposan o vuelan en tu pecho,
recorren las distancias de tus piernas,
se enrollan en la luz de tu cintura.
Para mí eres tesoro más cargado
de inmensidad que el mar y sus racimos
y eres blanca y azul y extensa como
la tierra en la vendimia.
En ese territorio,
de tus pies a tu frente,
andando, andando, andando,
me pasaré la vida.

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