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   Lyrics - Jason Mraz - Wordplay Lyrics


~ Jason Mraz

I've been all around the world
I've been a new sensation
But it doesn't really matter
In this generation
The sophomore slump is an uphill battle
And someone said that ainít my scene
'Cause they need a new song
Like a new religion
Music for the television
I can't do the long division
Someone do the math
For the record label puts me on the shelf up in the freezer
Got to find another way to live the life of leisure
So I drop my top
Mix and I mingle
Is everybody ready for my single and it goes-

Now listen closely to the verse I lay
It's all about the wordplay
The wonderful thing it does
Because, because
I am the wizard of oohs and ahs and fa la las
Yeah the mister A to Z
They say I'm all about the wordplay

When it's time to get ill I got your remedy
For those who don't remember me
Well let me introduce you to my style
I try to keep a jumble
And the lyrics never mumble
When the music's makin' people tongue tied
You want a new song
Like a new religion
Music for the television
I can't do the long division
Someone do the math
For the people write me off like I'm a one hit wonder
Gota find another way to keep from goin' under
Pull out the stops
Got your attention
I guess it's time again for me to mention
The wordplay


I built a bridge across the stream my consciousness
It always seems to be a flowin'
But I don't know which way my brain is goin'
Oh the ryhmin' and the timin'
Keeps the melodies inside me
And they're comin'
Till I'm running out of air
Are you prepared to take a dive into the deep end of my head
Are you listening to a single word I've said


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