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  Lyrics - Pearl Jam - Fortress


~ Pearl Jam

Too long 'till fall
Sick summer in bed
You and a lazy mood
Ten times the fall
Spread, sacked, and I've failed
Nobody move

To far long to fall
Sat shiver in bed
You and a test of will
Too many fallen, too many failed
Nobody move
Days with the light off, freezing
You and I, uneasy, livid
Stop, it's too late
I'm feeling frustrated
I see no sign of fortress

Safe as a cootie wootie with you
Never pretend the chill
Too many shadows, too many sails
Nobody move

Summer is only winter with you
How can you really feel
Two of another, none of a pair
Nobody move

Another delay, too many hassles
Where do we go
How do we follow

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