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Key To My Heart

Key To My Heart

Key To My Heart

This fabulously romantic Message in a Bottle delivers the Key to Your Heart in a most elegant fashion.

A great romantic hit that shows how much you really care -- you can present your sweetie with a keepsake filled with your love and devotion. Key to My Heart Message in a Bottle with Crate

The Key to My Heart bottle has a clear heart shaped topper and delivers your personalized message with unique elegance.

For an even more spectacular presentation, you may upgrade to include a handcrafted birch crate at checkout!

Heart of Roses

Heart of Roses

This pristine clear heart bottle cradles your special message with rich red silk rose petals.
Romantic and a unique keepsake gift perfect for Valentines Day -- or to make any day Valentine's Day!

Heart of Roses Message in a Bottle Crate The Heart of Roses bottle has a clear heart-shaped topper and delivers your personalized message sweetly nestled in silky rose petals.

Your Heart of Roses Message in a Bottle can be upgraded to arrive cozied in a custom crafted branded birch crate for a memorable and romantic presentation.

Message from the Sea

Message from the Sea

The magic of the sea is captured in this elegant and timeless treasure.

The classic Message in a Bottle, perfect for proposals, birthdays, engagements and, of course, Valentines.
The beautiful message from the sea shore -- love across the miles, across the seas with a theme of eternal love - this is the perfect keepsake to express a love that lasts forever.

Message in a Bottle birch crate The classic seashore Message in a Bottle is perfectly packaged, filled with seashells and keeps your message debris-free.

For an even more spectacular presentation, you may select a handcrafted birch crate at checkout!



This sleek and graceful beauty stands 8 inches tall. This personalized message in a bottle is an elegant and classic keepsake for your sweetheart.
Perfect for any special occasion, a thoughtful gift for guys or girls -- lovely, unique and romantic birthday, Valentine and gifts of romance.

Simply elegant, the Donosa is the quintessential Message in a Bottle that delivers your loveliest sentiments with the highest quality in craftsmanship -- beautifully crafted bottles from Europe.

The Donosa can be delivered in a custom branded handcrafted wooden birch case.


The Corazon's deep beauty and richness in quality speak to love and romance. A rich container for a keepsake that your love will cherish with its special personalized Message in a Bottle -- the perfect gift of love.

Handcrafted in Europe, these are truly one of a kind and quantities are limited.

Your Corazon can arrive nestled in a custom branded birch crate.

These beautiful bottles can be used in a plethora of other situations -- beautiful favors for showers or special parties, party prizes, or a special award or prize, wedding gift cash or special message for bride and groom, unique and unforgettable invitations to weddings, parties, family reunion or class reunions, business awards and more...

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