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The best original, unpublished new poems with hundreds of love poems and love poetry for all occasions... Original, unpublished new poetry!

Did we mention - we love poetry?

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Original Poems

  "A Certain Green Tree"
  "A Little Buggy"
  "Country Morning"
  "Divining Myself"
  "Four Reasons"
  "I am Gone to Feel the World"
  "I Shall Burn a Candle"
  "It's Terrible to Think"
  "Latora Grabble"
  "Lavendar Persuasion"
  "Life Before Serotonin"
  "My Garden"
  "My Sweet Sixteen"
  "Neptune's Court"
  "Owed to Gravity"
  "Sharp Dreams"
  "She'll Be Young Again"
  "Sigmund Ray Ben Tolliver"
  "Sweet Pea"
  "The Dream"
  "The Hull"
  "The Sound"
  "To a Small Red Crab"
  "Turning Points"
  "You Are"

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