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   Love Poem - Annie Laurie

Annie Laurie
~ William Douglas
Anthony E. Cook - Elowah Falls
Maxwelton's hills are bonnie
Where early falls the dew
And 'twas there that Annie Laurie
Gived me her promise true.
Gived me her promise true
Which ne'er forgot shall be
And for bonnie Annie Laurie
I'd lay me down and die.

Her brow is like the snow drift,
Her throat is like the swan,
Her face, it is the fairest
That e'er the sun shone on.
That e'er the sun shone on
And dark blue are her eyes
And for bonnie Annie Laurie
I'd lay me down and die.

Like dew on the daisy lyin'
Is the fall of her fairy feet
And like winds in summer sighing
Her voice is low and sweet.
Her voice is low and sweet
And she's all the world to me
And for bonnie Annie Laurie
I'd lay me down and die.

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