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I HAVE GONE TO FEEL THE WORLD --- Love Poetry, Love Poems, Romantic Poetry, a Romantic Poem

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 Original Poetry --- I am Gone to Feel the World & Four Reasons

I am Gone to Feel the World

I am gone
to feel the world,
before we take on the other formless form,
we shall meet and
celebrate our brief colors
and stones
and deep pools
of all thing lost and found.
A lover's eyelash, an untamed curl,
greyhound haunches, chocolate lunches,
tasks done, well,
eyes with souls,
Mozart captured, daylilies, happy tears,
unruined children, antacids,
peaches, coconut cream,
maple burl,
bagpipes stopped, dance legs,
cashmere kittens, soft edges and
the unknown day.

         Montana Blue


  Four Reasons

Plumkin fall,
padded winter
aching spring
wilting summer
they have done me, all,
and I shall redesign
the seasons
incision, revision
whether weather or not
embracing fall
pillowing winter
charging spring
basking summer
and I shall have
them all.

Montana Blue

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