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It's Terrible to Think

As you struggle through the day
it's terrible to think
you may end up just
a bubble
in a carbonated drink.

Montana Blue
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Sigmund Ray Ben Tolliver

Sigmund Ray Ben Tolliver,
looked up till he saw all of her.
Took her to a furrier
and there he tried to bury her.

Worse that any cannibal
Hid deep in dead, dry animal.
She whined, she needed "mo"
He said "That's further than I'll go."

Sigmund Ray Ben Tolliver,
looked twice and he saw all of her.

Montana Blue

Owed to Gravity

No matter where I go,
and I have traveled much,
I've found to my dismay
that gravity sucks.

Montana Blue

She'll be Young Again

Her eyes look like raspberry strusel.
There's a roadmap to hell in her veins.
From out there in space,
time sits hard on her face,
but she still thinks she'll be young again.

Montana Blue

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