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Please submit your original poetry and poems about love, romance and romantic or disaster experiences you've had getting into or out of relationships: any poem will do, please write your feelings down with care, using imagery and your real feelings -- not just hearts and sweet smelling flowers -- but true colorful feelings -- like your heart flooded with melting ice cubes, filling you with a vast and empty wasteland of despair so huge and deep, so frigid, your loss, that you can barely inhale the warmth of summer sun and taste nothing but the crisply bitter tang of the last lemonade of lost love. He left, the door behind him shattered the last hope ...

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Over the years, too many poems were copied by too many other sites online so we're basically starting over.

If you had a poem published here and still want it online, please re-submit your poem -- or send us your name and the title of your original poem, and we'll re-publish it for you.

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