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This above all: to thine ownself be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. - Shakespeare

To be true to thine ownself, thou must first become acquainted thyself.

Where do we begin with our understanding of connections to our universe? Our loves. Our friends.

We start within.

Each of us on a lifelong exploration through our own unique and vast universes. It's difficult to understand the world if we don't understand HOW we are looking at it.

This section offers links to some sage advice and self-tests that may help us learn more about ourselves.

Here are a few great links to check out:

Teens Helping Teens
If you need any advice or information on abuse, this is the site for you.

The Self-Study Toolbox
"We experience ourselves as fully alive, fully human, only when the island of self-consciousness is an unfragmented whole. Walling off huge portions of ourselves -thoughts, feelings, fantasies, memories, powers, potencies, even dreams and aspirations- makes us sick. It is even possible in extreme cases of self-alienation for one's waking self to be almost entirely false. When that happens, we usually cling to the assumption that we know who we are, that nothing inside is a mystery; and meanwhile the real self, its interior voices ignored, slowly dies. The purpose of getting to know oneself, a process that goes by names like inner work, self-actualization, self-realization, self-study, and individuation, is to open up the waking consciousness to its unconscious foundations by reclaiming disowned aspects of oneself. We undo our repressions, make contact with our bodies, rediscover our feelings, study our wants and needs, exercise our dormant talents, dream our dreams. We work through long-standing emotional conflicts. We unblock the creativity we all possess.

We "listen with a third ear" to the quiet movements of the emotional/intuitive depths in us, knowing that feedback from our entire organism is more trustable than the limited, one-sided reactions of the waking self."

Chalquist defines some excellent starting points such as self-honesty, reading, and keeping a journal among other points in the article quoted above from the "The Self-Study Toolbox."
Psychology Help
This site contains an Emotion Intelligence (EQ) test that will show you where your emotional responses might be stuck and need work (via self-help or therapy). Run your mouse over the green dots on the test page to find correct answers. Each question has a link "more on this topic" beneath it, which leads to additional information about your response to the question.

The Keirsey Character Sorter  &
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter
These psychological tests are designed to identify different kinds of personality temperaments. They use attributes of the four temperaments to help your preferences. It is similar to other devices derived from Carl Jung's theory of "psychological types," such as the Myers-Briggs, the Singer-Loomis, and the Grey-Wheelright. The questionnaire identifies four temperament types: Guardian ["SJ"], Artisan ["SP"], Idealist ["NF"], and Rational ["NT"]

Keirsey Character and Temperament Language-Selection page
- If you need the Keirsey tests in a language other than English - go to this page to select your language.

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Understanding yourself -- the need to know the self before you can know others... Find the best that you are -- then find someone who loves that and wants you to be your best self ...