Unusual, unique romantic girlfriend gifts for graduation, Valentine's, birthday - unique gift ideas for girls and teens.
Romantic Girlfriend Gifts, Graduation, Sweet Christmas Gift

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This romantic design features two hearts that cross over one another and each heart can be engraved with any name to create a one-of-a-kind piece. She will treasure these heart almost as much as yours... And wear it everywhere -- thinking of you -- it's the perfect Christmas gift...

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Missing Piece Personalized Break Apart Heart Key Ring

Whether you're together or far apart, their heart will always be with you with The Missing Piece Personalized Break Apart Heart Key Ring!

Sweet Candy Gifts
Is she a sweet lover? Here are some of the sweetest and romantically appealing candies and sweets baskets that we could find... Romantic Decadent Chocolate Strawberries Gift Box

The Decadent Chocolate Strawberries Gift Box
Romantic Hand Dipped Decorated Gourmet Fortune Cookies
Romantic Hand Dipped Decorated Gourmet Fortune Cookies

(48 Lady Fortunes Cookies in Choice of Dips with Your Choice of Personalized Messages)

Mmmmmmm - sweet, sweet love...

Romantic Dinner Cruises

Hemalyke Heart Choker Necklace

Hemalyke Heart Choker Necklace
Valentine Gift Basket Towers and Wine Gifts

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Twice the Love Diamond Heart Pendant 1/15ctw

This diamond heart pendant is a perfect reminder of the one you love. One heart represents you and the other represents someone you love. Made in sterling silver, this pendant features a heart outline with a diamond set into the top point made by the two halves. An identical but smaller heart rests to one side, touching this first diamond. Diamonds are 1/15ctw, I or better in Color, and I2 or better in Clarity. An 18" sterling silver box chain is included. icon


Romantic Personalized Rose

A personalized rose, carefully selected and freshly cut. This beautiful rose is preserved in lacquer and trimmed in 24k gold, silver or platinum.

Display your unique special message of love on its petals (or your message can be engraved on an attached heart charm).

A rose that lasts forever with a personal and meaningful romantic message -- the perfect and unique Christmas, anniversary, Valentine or birthday gift.

Take her a book of poems and flowers (even a single rose icon will do it).
Read some of the poems to her.
(Select them beforehand, tell her "This reminds me of you.")
She will MELT!
The Ink Dark Moon
Love Poems by Ono No...

Romantic Gift Baskets


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Wild About You Romantic Gift Basket icon

Chocolate Box With I Love You Engraved In French (15 pieces)

THE Kissing Package

Romantic and Unique Message in a Bottle

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