Quotations of the day for July 20, free love quote for inspiring facebook daily love quote

Daily Love Quote ~ July 20

"You can't force someone to love you;
all you can do is become someone who can be loved;
the rest is up to the them."

~ Unknown

You can't force someone to love you

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July 20 Perfect romantic quotes and daily inspiring love quotations to e-mail Facebook status - love quote and quote of the day famous motivational sayings as a daily quote for July 20 birthday saying or a lovely inspirational love quote use on Facebook, inspiring quote, pinterest, myspace, daily love quote for someone special, lovely quotes and quotation for this day in the birthday month of July - can't make someone love you, demand they luv u, but set it free and it comes back to you -- cannot control or be possessive in a relationship, or jealous, but release and hold loosely - be inspired by love and positive quotes right here true inspirational quotes, a birthday quote and sayings from a famous poet and author or love quote