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Astrology - Daily Love Horoscope & Interactive Horoscope for Cancer
Astrology: Cancer Horoscope
Your personalized daily Interactive Cancer Horoscope for this day

Answer the questions according to how you feel today and find out what your Astrological Sign combined with your mood indicate is in store for your Horoscope of the Day.
1. Each of the following is a characteristic that those born under the sign of Cancer often possess. Which best describes how you feel right now?

a)  Emotional, or sensitive.
b)  Kind of dreamy, like daydreaming or fantasizing.
c)  Shy or introverted.
d)  Thinking about, or caring about others.
e)  Depressed.
f)  Nurturing, motherlike, or family-oriented.
g)  Thinking about the past.

2. In Astrology, Cancer is a Water sign. Which aspect of Water is the closest to how you feel today?

a)  Flowing- desire for growth, learning, or new knowledge.
b)  Calm- Relaxed, content.
c)  Clouded- confused..
d)  Clear- insightful, aware.
e)  Stagnant- in a rut.
f)  Rushing- free moving, fast, changing swiftly.
g)  Deep- thoughful or introspective.

3. Cancer, the Crab, is also a 'Cardinal', or creative astrological sign. How does this relate to you today?

a)  Desire to achieve new or higher goals.
b)  Inspiration to make a relationship work.
c)  New ways of looking at myself.
d)  New ways to achieve success.
e)  To think of new ways to not have to work.
f)  Creative, spiritual, original thought. Feeling intrspective, interest in reading or self-exploration.
g)  Lack of creative energy whatsoever.

4. Cancer is said to rule the stomach and chest, which includes their physical well being. How did your stomach and chest feel when you woke up this morning?

a)  Congested.
b)  Clear, fresh.
c)  Tight or constricted.
d)  Sore or in slight pain.
e)  Empty, or very hungry.
f)  Normal, no feelings out of the ordinary.
g)  Tired.

5. Cancer's birthstone is the Pearl. Which quality of the Pearl best describes you today?

a)  Pure, innocent, or clear.
b)  Calm and peaceful.
c)  Solitary.
d)  Wisdom, knowledge, or spirituality.
e)  Honesty, integrity.
f)  Femininity.

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