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Crazy Love - Van Morrison

I can hear her heartbeat
From a thousand miles.
And the heavens open up
Every time she smiles.
And when I come to her,
That is where I belong.
And I'm running through her
Like a river song.

She gives me love, love, love, love,
Crazy love.
She gives me love, love, love, love,
Crazy love.

She's got a fine sense of humor
When I'm feeling low and down.
And I'm coming to her
When the sun goes down.
Take away all my troubles,
Oh, take away my grief.
Take away my heartaches
In the night like a thief.

And I need her
In the daytime.
And I need her
In the night.
And I want to love
All around her.
Kissing her,
Kissing all the time.

When I'm returning
From so far away.
Give me some sweet loving
That brightens up my day.
And it makes me righteous,
And it makes me whole.
And it makes me mellow,
Right down to my soul

Ray Charles with Van Morrison

Brown-Eyed Girl
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