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DON'T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE -- The BEST lyrics, Joe Cocker Don't You Love Me Anymore lyrics and the best FREE break up broken hearted songs lyrics popular lyrics ... email Joe Cocker's "Don't You Love Me Anymore" to someone special.

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   Break Up Lyrics - Joe Cocker - Don't You Love Me Anymore Lyrics

Don't You Love Me Anymore

~ Joe Cocker
Oh oh
I thought I'd see you smile
When I walked in the door
Thought those arms of yours would be open wide
The way they were before
Why do you look at me
Like I'm some stranger now?
Why do you pull away
When you used to hold me so tight?

Don't you love me anymore?
Have your learned to live your life without me?
Don't you love me, anymore?
When did the fire go out?
Where did the feeling go?
Did it slip away when I wasn't there?
Baby now I've come home
I thought you'd want me babe
I was so sure you'd ask me to to stay
I thought you'd need this too
Guess it didn't work out that way

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