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Body Language - Body Signals Actions Louder than Words
If either of these girls (on the left or right) walks up to you, looks into your eyes for 10 seconds, then asks,
"Could you tell me the time?"

You REALLY think she wants to know what time it is?

If you're a straight guy - and you give her the time of day and walk away, you REALLY need to learn more about BODY LANGUAGE.

  Okay, now women.

This guy walks up to you slowly, keeps his eyes on you, then says, "Excuse me. Do you know where I can mail a letter around here?"

You think he's desperate to find a post office?


Think about it. He's smiling openly and approaching slowly with his head tilted. Hallooo!
Offer to show him the way - walk with him -especially if it's a few blocks away!


Always be ready and aware! You never know when the perfect opportunity might be standing there in front of you.
That's WHY understanding body language can REALLY pump up your love life!

Body language, with its secret body signals, is the quiet, secret and most powerful language of all!
According to experts, our non-verbal language communicates about 50% of what we really mean (voice tonality contributes 38%) while words themselves contribute a mere 7%.
Our bodies send out messages constantly and often we don't recognize that we're communicating a lot more than we realize.

  Our understanding and use of non-verbal cues in facial expression are familiar to us nearly from birth

By familiarizing ourselves with a few basic nonverbal signals, we can improve our ability to understand what people are really communicating and become aware of what we are broadcasting to the world with our own non-verbal cues.

A person's body posture, movements and positions more often tell us exactly what they mean (which may be the exact opposite of what they are saying). Many people are unaware of how loudly they communicate with their bodies.

  This guy might as well stand up, wave his arms and scream, "I'm a lousy cheat! Please - flunk me, now!"  

Our use and reading of body language is largely unconscious. We understand what a person indicates with their gestures and body positions and we send out our own messages - but we rarely stop to think about how we do it.

Often when a person is considered to have great intuition about other people, their understanding is actually due to careful observation of individuals, and conscious or unconscious understanding of non-verbal communication. These people can see and interpret verbal and non-verbal language due to training or years of observation and analysis of people.
We need to recognize and give credibility to our own "intuition" and "feelings" about a person or situation.

One of the most basic instances involves our personal "space." We notice that when a stranger or someone gets too close, we feel uncomfortable. Unconsciously we know the distancing from others that is appropriate for our own culture. Every day we judge our own distance and respect the space of others by avoiding getting too close and follow our "feeling" to adjust to the correct distances from friends as opposed to acquaintances or strangers.

       Check the non-verbal cues in our "Negative and Positive Body Language" section, and you'll recognize that you already speak and translate a lot of the language.

   Read about what couples are really telling each other in their conversations and on dates and see if you can pass the Body Language quizzes.

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When you go to buy, use your eyes, not your ears.
~ Czech Proverb

Men trust their ears less than their eyes.
~ Herodotus (485 BC - 425 BC), The Histories of Herodotus

One might equate growing up with a mistrust of words. A mature person trusts his eyes more than his ears. Irrationality often manifests itself in upholding the word against the evidence of the eyes. Children, savages and true believers remember far less what they have seen than what they have heard.
~ Eric Hoffer

When I was born I was so surprised I didn't talk for a year and a half.
~ Gracie Allen (1906 - 1964)


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