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Tell It Like It Is - Aaron Neville

Tell It Like It Is

If you want something to play with
Go and find yourself a toy
Baby my time is too expensive
And I'm not a little boy

If you are serious
Don't play with my heart
It makes me furious
But if you want me to love you
Then a baby I will,
girl you know that I will

Tell it like it is
Don't be ashamed to let your conscience be your guide
But I know deep down inside me
I believe you love me,
forget your foolish pride

Life is too short to have sorrow
You may be here today and gone tomorrow
You might as well get what you want
So go on and live,
baby go on and live

Tell it like it is
I'm nothing to play with
Go and find yourself a toy
But I... Tell it like it is
My time is too expensive
and I'm not your little boy

Tell It Like it Is -- Aaron Neville Sings - Video

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