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  Love Song Lyrics - Hilary Duff - Mr. James Dean

Mr. James Dean

~ Hilary Duff

All the king's horses
Wouldn't make me believe
Even when the walls come crashing down
You still can never be
A rebel without a cause
A rebel to the first degree
Why don't you stop trying so hard?
Cause there's no men, man enough to be

Another James Dean
You're nothing like him
So don't call me friend
Cause you're nothing like me
Even when the world stop turning
There will never be another James Dean
You'll never be James Dean

All the faces you're making
Save it for the scene
All the people you're faking
Why was it only me?
Who saw right into your eyes
And you're just not so deep
I've had too many cries
Mr. Prince Charming
Sorry, you could never be

Cause you're nothing like him
So don't call me friend
Cause you're nothing like me
Even when the world stop turning, the world stops turning
Now you move to the move to the next town
Next chance, next girl, have fun baby
I'm taking back my world

Here we are face to face
Same energy, you and me
Don't wanna be enemies

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