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Old Love and New
~ Sara Teasdale

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Old Love and New - the love poem by Sara Teasdale, with artwork and graphics - the best love poem for romance with a love poem for every occasion - to try to choose whether to go to a new love or stay with the old

FREE - love poems the best love poem and romantic love poem to read - send free to your Valentine especially if they LOVE poetry.."Old Love and New" from Sara Teasdaleromantic poetry to remember..Who to choose? Betray your old love or betray your true feelings? She questions as she agonizes over her current love and her potential love.

  Love Poem - Old Love and New Free Romantic Poetry
Old Love and New
~ Sara Teasdale


In my heart the old love
   Struggled with the new,
It was ghostly waking
   All night through.

Dear things, kind things
  That my old love said,
Ranged themselves reproachfully
   Round my bed.

But I could not heed them,
   For I seemed to see
Dark eyes of my new love
   Fixed on me.

Old love, old love,
   How can I be true?
Shall I be faithless to myself
   Or to you?

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Old Love and New - poems about comparing and old love to a new one the best way to say "I love you" The best love poem and Valentine poem and perfect romantic love poem - feel free to send, facebook, pinterest the love poem of your choice to your love Old Love and New about a which is better, what to do, compare an old love, old boyfriend, old bf, current, past love to a new boyfriend, new love, selct, choose, decide whether to stay with current boyfriend or deciding to go with another -- new lover - which is better beray your true feelings or betray your old boyfriend -- choosing one over the other -- from Sara Teasdale unlimited for Valentines and Valentine's Day free romantic poetry and quote about love -- I am my love's and he is mine forever graphic - faithful to her old lover or faithful to the way she feels -- love quote