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An Eternal Race
David Stewart

I am still thinking
What kind of risk
Am I taking?
Will I fail?
Or will true love

My sweet Ellen
This heart cannot take it
But I have fallen
I feel so silly
I'll be yours truly
For all eternity
Through thick
Through thin
Together we have
The ability
To be infinity
Forever and always
Love for all days
My soul is screaming
I must have been dreaming
For that night we shared
Shown you truly cared
I am awake every night
Looking for the light
But it has been here
In front of my face
I cannot believe it
My heart is set to race
Whenever I see you
I need to embrace
I know that I am ready
After going steady
To give you everything
Even perhaps
A ring?

Passion in her eyes
Trying to hypnotise
Please do not apologise
If only you would recognise
That I cannot disguise
You give me butterflies
Every fibre of my being is in love with you
To you I will always be true
Your very presence
Has lit a fire in my heart
I shall need an audience
To show my love as an art
Well now I have done my part
With this rhyme
Maybe it is time
For the arrow of love
Coming from above
To show you clearly
That I love you dearly
It is in plain sight
So try not to fight
My passion is forever
Through this endeavour
Trying to find
The perfect one
Before my time is done

My only hope was to convey
You're my one and only true love If I had one wish
Except for a kiss
It would be
After this
Please do not say

I will be forever yours.

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