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(Touch Me Not) Touchez-moi-pas
Karezza V.

Will I ever learn to love again?
Can my heart bear another pain?
"Touch me not," I say
"Touch me not" as my words fade away.

Part 1:
I woke up with a pain thrust in my heart A wound that had scarred me ever since you said goodbye If I knew this would happen, I never would've dared to start Is this your love or is this your lullaby? *
My mind was in total serene as I wander all day long Hearing nothing, omit the peaceful melody of a song I condemned myself as I ache with nostalgia at the relationship we built Buried in my own na´ve thoughts filled with anguish and guilt
If you were just another man not worth fighting, Then why does my heart keeps on aching?
Maybe it's because of a tale that happened to me once upon a dream A dream where I got my heart broken but still risked loving him.

Part 2:
In an empire not far away,
Prevail a lovely maiden of whom have gone astray As loneliness surrounds the kingdom's abyss, The maiden's smile still yet to exist
As the maiden endure forlorn yearning,
Somehow she knew her prince was coming.
Along the way, giving up was not a choice He was just out there, listening to her voice.
Her heart was incarnated with symphonic melody.
A melody which cannot hide the maiden's agony And the mysterious traveler hastens towards the maiden's town Unto his crusade, he was a gentleman from sole to crown
As hours turned into days and then to weeks, Doubt has the cloak the maiden unto what her heart truly seeks.
"Jove!," she cried out "how my heart is filled with sorrow."
And just then, a simple touch made the confused Juliet to stumble upon her Romeo.
Their eyes met as a glimmer of fate sparks around And ever since that day, the maiden's smile has been found There was something eccentric about the way he gazed into her eyes His, was full of trust but behind those were pure inflamed lies
The maiden was blinded by her love for the prince And when she found out the truth, she's been hurting ever since Love may have opened her eyes to hope and possibilities But pain has locked her heart away and sealed it with a kiss.
The maiden will not be such a coward as to cede his game She ended it once and for all but there's no one left to blame He broke her heart and left the pieces shatter, Ending the fairytale of my long deep slumber.

Part 3:
The tears have gentled though yet it fell For my heart is a prisoner of my own desires that even my lips cannot tell Crying eyes and hidden lies, it's just too much But there are times when I long for your sweet and tender touch
That dreams still haunts me in an insidious way deep inside For I knew it was my story all along of which I was trying to hide But I can no longer pretend because of the hurt that I possess The aching memory of your love and gentle caress
Why! Oh why does my heart cry?
For you loved me with your words and comforted me with a lie Another failed romance, but my first heartache Another ending, it's more than I can take
Leave me now, leave me be
Depart loneliness and end thy agony
Heal me now and set me free
For these dreams are memories I do not want to see

Will I ever learn to love again?
Can my heart bear another pain?
"Touch me not" I said
Better yet, leave me;
Leave me and my heart for dead.

City: Philippines

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