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You Have Nothing to Fear
Dan Lopez

I have waited many years,
battled many fears
I have hurt and been hurt
made many mistakes,
and had many heartaches

Now i find myself in love,
like a miracle that came from above
I had never felt a love like this
too fast too soon,
too beautiful too pure

Now once again I face a fear,
that even though you're not yet near,
I want to be as perfect as you
so you can feel a love that is true

You bring the best out of me,
and all I want you to see
is that you have nothing to fear,
because my feelings are clear

I want to love you forever,
and never lose what we have
you are the one I've been waiting for,
the best I've ever had
so what I just really want you to know
is you have nothing to fear,
because my love for you is only going to grow.

I love you.

City: San Diego

To: Frederique M.

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